Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mommy has ADD

I feel like a walking cliché when I say this…but my GOD, time flies when you have a baby. I started this blog thinking I could handle writing in bite-sized chunks every day, but it’s been over a month since my last post…the post that was supposed to make you laugh and explain my absence…the post that was supposed to redeem my tardiness…the post that was supposed to inspire me to be more on top of this whole blogging thing. Well, here we are, 37 days later and we can throw that out the window.

With Lia’s birthday, Christmas and then New Year’s Eve…I have so many excuses! The holidays are the perfect time to procrastinate. Who can argue, right?

I just rented Julie & Julia. (Of course, I should have been writing instead of watching a movie, but that’s another post on my blog called “Top Ten Mind-Numbingly Boring Things Annette Does to Avoid Writing”). ANYWAY…anyone else seen that movie? I loved it and could completely relate to Julie when she bubbled over with excitement after someone finally commented on her blog. But it turned out to be her mom. BTW…thanks Jimmy…you are so far my only fan. :) Jim is one of my brothers…I have 4 brothers…all older than me. You’d think that being the youngest and having 4 older brothers would make me one tough cookie. Not so my friends. I may act tough on the outside, but inside? I’m a weeping mess of insecurity and neediness. I crave praise. {Yes, that is a direct hint}

Hmmm…I bet if I tried to write something every day like Julie did I might actually develop a real fan base that would keep me coming back to my computer every day. Even “Twitter” sized “tweets”! I mean, how hard can it be? It’s all about self-discipline, right?

Hmmm….thinking, thinking, thinking...

Well, let’s be realistic, shall we? FAT CHANCE. This is ME we’re talking about. The mom who at this moment is looking at a pile of half-folded baby laundry (an endless and thankless job), the vacuum cleaner that never made it back to its home because she never finished vacuuming LAST week (might as well leave it out now), and the first birthday party decorations still hanging on the wall for over a month, including the very sad, partially deflated balloons that every few days pop and scare the crap out of the baby.

Maybe if I start my new year off with a promise to post on my blog at least once a week, I could handle that.

Yes, this is what I’ll do! So, you, whoever you are, will be my witness:


Let’s see if I can stop being ADD for 30 days and live up to my own expectations. I’m nervous already.

Stay tuned…


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