Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Snot Sucking is an Art Form

How in the world can something called a “bulb syringe” actually remove slimies from an infant nostril the size of a pea?!? I am so freaking frustrated with these things…ARGHHH!

The best one I’ve found is from Little Remedies, called Little Noses – comes with the package. You slop some saline up in there (if you can get past the baby octopus blocking your path…I suggest a helping hand with this…no easy task), wait a minute or two then suck the snot out with the bulb syringe.

They have a pretty good design though ~ works better than the one we got from the hospital. Still…when there’s a lot of goop up there, just the tip of the iceberg gets pulled out and then you’re left wrestling with The Blob.

Poor baby.


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