Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Water World

After observing the lives of fish for the past few months, it has become very clear to me that they are not too different from their human captors who have imprisoned them behind glass.

There is a very pregnant red Molly in our tank ready to burst – mostly hiding from her male counterpart, desperately swimming up and down the side of the tank looking for an escape. The male Molly chases her. Always has his eye on her. Traps her in the corner. Head butts her if she doesn’t behave the way he wants her to. He’s terrorizing her!

Dolphins are like this. As much as I love dolphins (have a tattoo on my back, swam with wild Spinners in Hawaii…can’t wait to go back…love to watch them play with the surfers when I go to the beach…yada yada)…this behavior shocked me when I first learned about it. Basically, when a female dolphin is sexually receptive, 2 or 3 males will trap her and hold her captive for up to a month, brutalizing her if she tries to escape and repeatedly gang-raping her! It’s horrible.

Anyway, I feel for the poor little preggo in our tank. She just wants to be left alone! I want to slap the stupid male and scream at him in fish-speak, “Stop harassing her! She’s pregnant for God’s sake! Stupid man...put your penis away!!”

Look at her…the photos are a bit blurry (camera not good for taking action shots indoors) …she’s the bulging red fish. The little red a$$-hole constantly stalks her. Never leaving her alone. Incessant, freaking torture...



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