Thursday, September 17, 2009

She said Mama!

A breakthrough in human communication occurred in our household this morning!

When I held our wee bundle of joy high up in the air above my head…she babbled away in a very sweet, high-pitched little voice. Suddenly she paused, looked down at me with those intense dark green eyes and said the magic word…


I cried. Tears of joy streaming down my face!

Of course…we have no way of really knowing if she consciously linked her verbal musings to the woman who gives her boob every day. But in MY mind, she’s a BRILLIANT orator!

I’ve got her future all planned out...

  • After her rapid advancement through grade school, jumping several grades a time, she’ll graduate top of her high school class at the age of 12, delivering the most memorial valedictorian speech since Weird Al Yankovic.
  • She’s accepted into Yale Drama School and minors in Linguistics and Fine Art.
  • Graduate school will consist of Political Science, Geology and Biochemistry.
  • Upon graduation, she will travel the world enjoying a fabulous career as an actor/director/writer/photographer/painter and is the first woman to sweep all categories at the Academy Awards for her work on a single film.
  • She’ll then shift into politics, focus on world policy and wipe up the mess we’ve created all over the planet.
  • Reverses global warming.
  • Finds a cure for cancer.
  • Is honored by the World Health Organization for highest achievement EVER in medicine.
  • Takes time off to write and grabs the Pulitzer in Literature as best novelist of all time.
  • Humbly accepts the Nobel Peace Prize.
  • Becomes the world’s richest woman.
  • Gives all her money to charity.
  • And to her mom.

I guess I should start working on getting her to say “Dada”…


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