Monday, September 28, 2009

What comes around…

We enjoyed more touristy things this weekend…LACMA, La Brea Tar Pits and Abbot Kinney Festival.

Abbot Kinney Fest was fun ~ introduced Lia to a LOT of sights, sounds and a few unfortunate smells (which happens wherever masses of humanity gather). She’s becoming less sensitive to over-stimulation. Yey! Just a month ago, when I sneezed she would cry. But she happily let us drag her around all weekend...thank God. I was beginning to worry that she wouldn't enjoy her first Led Zeppelin reunion tour. Of course, Page & Plant will be performing from their wheelchairs by then...

Funny thing about the Tar Pits, I used to work in an office next door when I first arrived in LA. Bored to tears of course. Yet another temp gig in the unstable career of a creative soul. But I was working in Entertainment! Should have felt lucky, right?

At lunch time, to escape from my atrophying brain, I would sit and stare at the animatronic mastodons, conjuring up their inner monologues --- most days they were plotting to liberate themselves from their liquid asphalt prison so they could terrorize everyone in the park and eat all the screaming little children that had been throwing stones at them all day through fence.

Then I made the mistake of texting these thoughts to my friends I had just left in Chicago. They thought I was going bat-sh*t crazy and were discussing an intervention.

I told them not to worry, I was simply living vicariously through my animatronic friends while plotting MY liberation from temp hell. I am almost 3 years later bringing my screaming little child to visit those same mastodons still trapped behind their fenced enclosure. Only this time, it was a very bitter sweet reunion. Gone was my acidic sarcasm, and in its place…

complete joy

wrapped up

in a little
19 pound

ball of love

we call Lia.


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