Friday, September 4, 2009

I played hooky from being a mom today. While grandma babysat and baby-daddy slaved away at his computer, I ran away from home.

I live in Venice Beach, California. And unless you’ve ever been here, it’s hard to describe. It’s a great little artsy, bohemian beach community just west of LA with as much eclectic architecture as people. I love the vibe. When my parents visited me for the first time after I moved out here, I asked my dad what he thought of our walk along the boardwalk. He said, “Interesting, but I never need to do that again.” I admit, it can be a bit overwhelming if you don’t enjoy masses of humanity.

I live in a great area away from the chaos. But all I have to do is hop on my single-speed, purple beach cruiser, ride a mile west and I’m ocean front. It’s lovely. There are quieter, more serene areas, but the crazy stretch of the boardwalk running from Venice Blvd on the south end, north to Santa Monica is filled with music, street performers, vendors, artists, drum circles and every imaginable age, shape, culture and ethnicity of humans you can find. It’s a melting pot of curiosity seekers and originality.

The video below is not that clear…took this with my cell phone while riding my bike. It’s just a snippet. Can’t possibly capture the experience with 30 seconds of video. Just to give you an idea, I was riding up the path and there was a film crew set up by one of the volleyball nets ~ girls in bikinis and a very tall man wearing a tuxedo on stilts. I’m guessing this was the dream sequence of some movie or TV show…oh, yes, film crews abound here. I love watching shows like Private Practice, Californication and others that shoot all over LA in locations I’ve been to…especially on the west side. I’ve become a sort of beach snob. Driving up to Hollywood or even east of the 405 is a journey to another planet. I prefer to stay beachside where my daily uniform consists of sundresses and flip-flops.

While enjoying lunch (and yes, a beer dare I admit it), I watched as a local girl twirled her hoola hoop on the beach for no less than 20 minutes straight, jogged down and hopped in the water, then twirled for another 20 minutes straight! The sense of freedom here is palpable and highly contagious. :)

So to all you mommies out there who feel guilty leaving your child to do something selfish…something just for YOU with no value other than stealing a little freedom…


I feel refreshed, rejuvenated, reborn…albeit a little sunburned. Commercial Break: Incidentally, Hawaiian Tropic makes an amazing burn relief gel with Lidocaine.

It’s worth it to get out and treat yourself to whatever gives you new life. I happen to love where I live, so a bike ride in the fresh salty air is all that I need to lift my spirit. And interacting with all the energies along the boardwalk feeds my creativity.

What are you waiting for? Get out there and find your inspiration!


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