Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Musical Prodigy

My daughter has become very vocal. Her voice is amazingly strong coming out of such a little body. I know this because when my parents let me “sleep in”, Lia’s voice travels down the hall like a freight train, foiling any attempt to catch extra Z’s.

Even with a pillow over my head.

My baby is no longer a baby…she is a very LOUD toddler.

My mom, after raising 5 children of her own, said to me the other day that Lia’s voice is louder and projects more than any of ours ever did.

I am afeared.

She has always shown an affinity toward music with a preference for anything percussion. She dances when I clap my hands in rhythm. Now, she’s actually humming along to the instrumental sounds coming from her toys. Quite charming.

I should look at the bright side, maybe she’s the future Beyonce or Pink (did anyone see her Grammy performance? BRILLIANT).

~ She’ll audition for American Idol.

~ Outshine any other competitor.

~ Win by a landslide.

~ Bag the best record deal in the history of music with the biggest record label of her time.

~ Become world renowned for her powerful voice and amazing emotional depth in her lyrics.

~ People will weep when they witness her perform.

~ Small children and animals will be drawn to her like Snow White.

~ Spontaneous miracles will occur in her presence.

~ She’ll make lots of money.

~ And buy her mommy a big mansion on the Amalfi Coast with a bathroom the size of a small house.

And I’ll be able to sleep in whenever I want…Hmmmm…

{snort} {grunt}

Oh, sorry…(wiping slobber off face)…fell asleep there for a minute.

Gosh, I had the craziest dream…


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