Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bye Bye Ohio

We’re going home today. Really looking forward to seeing Baby-daddy again. It’s been a looong time this trip. The longest we've been away from each other since Lia was born. Boy has she GROWN since we got here and learned many new skills. Skills that make it harder and harder for mommy to keep an eye on her. In the past month, she’s morphed into a baby octopus with velcro for fingers and Nike wings on her feet. I swear some days I wish I had a full-time nanny. That would be a luxury. Of course, then I’d feel guilty about it. But what mom doesn’t feel guilty about something? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that is part of the job description for “Motherhood”.

Anyway, Baby-daddy is going to freak when he sees her. And probably cry. Since he rarely reads this blog, I don’t have to worry about him getting upset by that. And if he does read this…if YOU DO read this…I was just testing you, honey. We all know you’re not a crybaby.

{but really, if he does read this post and sees this photo… he’ll cry. I’d bet on it.}

She’s had lots of fun and finally embraced her snow gear.

Enjoyed shopping for new shoes at Grandma's shoe store.

After playing coy with the men in my family for weeks, finally made friends with her Uncle Mike…

Uncle Ricky…

Uncle Jimmy…

Had fun lots of fun hanging out with her cousin Jeremy who shares the same birthday.

Holding court with a few cousins

I couldn’t possibly show every photo of every family member she’s spent time with on this trip. There are just too many. My family is HUGE.

She’ll always know where she comes from. I’ll make sure of that. Family is important.

And finally, on our last day here we experienced "Wildlife Day". A gigantic hawk swooped down in the field behind the house yesterday and killed some sort of small, furry woodland creature. Probably that damn mouse behind my bedroom wall that has been driving me crazy at night. And then 10 minutes later 3 deer bobbed across the field, down to the creek and back up to disappear in the woods on the other side. All so very cool and very different from our LA existence. I will have to remember to take Lia out in nature as much as possible so she doesn't grow up thinking wildlife consists of skateboarding dogs and Paris Hilton-wannabes.

But as much as we’ve enjoyed our visit, we can’t wait to return to the land of sun. And we’re bringing Grandma and Grandpa with us!

Here's my baby helping mommy pack…"Don't forget all my new toys!". (I hope we don't exceed the weight limit for our luggage)

California here we come!


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