Monday, August 24, 2009

Like I've Been Run Over By A Truck

These are the days I wish I could hang my ‘mommy hat’ in the closet and just sleep all day. This cold is knocking me on my arse. At midnight when the little Spartan decided it was play time, I had to relinquish my duties to her father. I couldn’t stand up without feeling like I’d pass out. NyQuil is a beautiful thing when you are sick, but I don’t recommend taking it if you are dealing with a sick child alone. Thank god for Baby Daddies. :)

Btw…for those of you wondering…yes I’m still breastfeeding at night and in the morning, but she was given a bottle at midnight and has yet to request her breakfast. So…no worries about poisoning my child with NyQuil...which is the ONLY reason I got any sleep last night.

At least someone is feeling better this morning. Right now, she is chattering away in her Baby Bjorn Travel Crib (most fabulous babysitter # 2), completely unaware of how much her mother just wants to crawl under a rock until the next full moon…


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