Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fire in the sky…

…smoke on the water?

Currently, we live in Venice, California and were seriously considering renting a house in La Crescenta to save $$. That is, until we could see the smoke from the fires billowing all the way up above the hills from our second floor deck this weekend. So now what?

As George & Louise Jefferson would say, “We’re movin’ on up!” …to the Valley, that is.

When we pack our bags and head for 30 degree hotter weather, away from the sand, seagulls and salt air breezes, into the land of perpetual air conditioning, I’ll be crying on the inside.

Our days at the beach are numbered and I’m counting them down…woefully. Yesterday, Baby-Daddy cheerfully said, “Our daughter will be a ‘Valley Girl’ now.”


She’ll always be beach baby to me. AS GOD IS MY WITNESS…we WILL get back to the beach. She WILL grow up surfing & playing beach volleyball, and we WILL live in the land of perpetual our clothes, in our car, in our house and in our hearts.

Anyone want to invest in my screenplay?

C’mon people. I live in Los Angeles, what did you expect?


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