Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Connected Kid

My daughter already knows how to use a BlackBerry, navigate Facebook and Tweet like a pro.

She’s 10 months old.

I get overwhelmed by this stuff. I used to be on top of everything, but somewhere along the way I became an old geezer. I blame it on the technology explosion of the last few years.

That and giving birth.

I think part of my brain stayed in the hospital to enjoy a nice little respite from servicing me. Poor thing was simply exhausted. However, I’ve recently received a report that she’s recovering nicely now. I think she’s somewhere in the south of France. She sends postcards from time to time. Not sure if I’ll ever see her again ~ probably best this way…I was growing weary of her demanding nature.

{I digress}

I used to be the “tech guru” at work…I could fix anything. But this was when fax machines, typewriters and large industrial-sized printers were still the norm in offices. Not personal computers…let alone cell phones that do everything short of going on blind dates for you, all the while fitting neatly in your back pocket. Very Star Trek if you ask me.

This is what I get for making fun of a coworker in the early 90’s when she asked me why the fax machine wasn’t working because her paper came out the other side of the machine. “I keep putting it in and it keeps coming right back out!” She expressed to me impatiently. As if the fax machine magically vaporized the paper and transported it from Chicago through the netherworld and out to the recipient in Texas.

I enjoyed a nice hearty laugh about that for the next six months at her expense, repeatedly recounting the story to anyone who would listen.

Karma sucks.


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