Saturday, May 22, 2010

Tribes at War

So...I'm in the bathroom trying to wake up and look like a normal human being this morning when my sweet daughter waddles in and hands me my cell phone.

The screen read, "Purchase Successful."

Apparently, she had grown tired of my "I Dream of Jeannie" ring tone and decided to change it to "Tribes at War" by Damian Jr. Gong Marley (apparently the youngest son of the prince of reggae, Bob Marley).

It also read, "Explicit lyrics."


So I download -- listen -- and it starts out as reggae -- pretty cool -- violins and bongos -- interesting mix -- love the reggae -- and it's quite a catchy little number -- I'm groovin' along -- then the rapping starts -- NOT a big fan of the rap -- feels like the record scratched out my moment of bliss.

But I might try it. It's cool in the beginning...the phone wouldn't ring that long to go into rap mode anyway.

So call me. We'll try it out. :)

But come on...seriously. TRIBES AT WAR? I admit, Baby-daddy and I have been less than conflict-free lately, but this is ridiculous.

Does our little munchkin actually have the uncanny ability to paint a portrait of my raw nerves like that?

She must be clairvoyant.

Of course she is. (She's a genius)


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