Friday, May 7, 2010

She’s a GIRL dammit!!!

How in the hell does THIS darling little human look like a boy…?

A woman on the street was yapping on her cell phone, took one look at us and ignorantly said to her friend, “How cute! A mommy is walking by and her cute little boy is dangling his foot over the tray of his stroller!”

To which I replied over my shoulder as we passed, “Yes. SHE loves to do that. It’s very freeing for HER.”

You know, I always tell people it doesn’t bother me…that everyone on this planet since her birth thinks she’s a boy. Even if I dress her in a pink jumpsuit with a tutu. Some people are just retarded.

But it DOES bother me. There I confess.

In the slightly annoying, cell phone brandishing woman’s defense, Lia is not a girly-girl. And the Bettie Page bangs don’t really help.

Hmmm, on further introspection, maybe this defensive attitude of mine can be traced back to my own deep-seated insecurities resulting from the insensitive butthole that looked at me and my four brothers at the church fundraiser spaghetti dinner many moons ago and told my dad, “My what a fine looking group of boys you have there.” I wanted to crawl under a rock. I remembered hearing this from stupid adults before, but that was the last straw for little Annette. I refused to let my mom cut my hair after that incident and have had long(ish) hair ever since.

I think this is like my first or second grade photo…

Nice bowl cut.

So…my poor daughter inherited my Tomboy looks.

{sigh of resignation}

I guess it could be worse…she could have inherited her father’s Fred Flintstone feet.


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