Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bettie Page Lives

Baby-daddy let me take a nap the other day before he skipped town and left me alone with the screaming-all-night, chewing-holes-in-her-cheeks-and-bleeding-all-over-the-crib, teething monster…er…I mean, our beautiful daughter.

Thank God for that.

[The nap. Not the manic baby.]

But I woke up to a sink full of hair.

I know…you’re thinking the same thing I did…GROSS.

So after demanding he clean it up and not even bothering to ask him where it came from (it was dark so I assumed it came from his head, right?), my little angel walked around the corner and looked at me like, “What?”

If you look closely, you’ll see the evidence of her nasty spill on the playground concrete yesterday…cut lip, bloody nose, scraped chin, scratch near eye. I guess we wanted to complete the look of torture after she bashed her forehead by randomly falling on the bed frame in her room. (how she managed to hit that I’ll never know)

We had been discussing the need to trim her bangs again because they had grown so long since the first time I cut them and were constantly in her eyes. And if you know anything about a toddler, keeping barrettes or hair clips of any kind on their gigantic, over-proportioned heads is impossible.

Thanks to Baby-daddy going overboard practicing his machete skills, we now have a mini Bettie Page.

She takes after me I guess. Check out my 2-year-old-self about to blow out the candles on my birthday cake while my brother Rick looks on…wishing I’d hurry up already.

In honor of the real Bettie Page -- the legendary iconic pop culture figure of the 1950s, whose controversial and very turbulent, yet trailblazing life sadly ended at the age of 85, three days after Lia was born -- please enjoy this lovely non-pinup photo of the gorgeous Bettie Page. A moment of silence please…


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